Why Koroneiki-Variety Olives Are Different

The Olive Connection’s only and prized ingredient is our Koroneiki-variety olive. Our olive groves are located in Messinia, in the Peloponnese region of Greece (near Kalamata). Located near the sea, Messinia enjoys ideal conditions for the cultivation of olives: long, sun-drenched days and moist, fertile soil.  We hand-pick our Koroneiki olives early in the harvest - while they are still green - in order to access their most exquisite flavor and healing health benefits. 

The result is our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, possessing the following characteristics.

  • Low Acidic Value:
    The acidity content in our typical harvest is approximately 0.2%, which is well below the extra virgin qualification standard of 0.8% established by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC).
  • Green Hue:
    You may be accustomed to olive oil that is gold in color - because the olives used in most manufactured varieties are blended and more mature in their harvest. This unfortunately means you are not unlocking the olives’ maximum health benefits. The Olive Connection’s olive oil is a deep green color because our Koroneiki olives have been hand-picked early in the harvest, in order to access  the highest polyphenol value - which is where the healing properties of olive oil are derived from.
  • Exquisite, Balanced Flavor:
    Our olive oil possesses a mild bitterness, medium pungency and a peppery finish. This mild bitterness is a positive indication of the quality and youth of our olives - and of their benefits. It is a balanced, subtle olive oil that is equally ideal for raw consumption on salads and seafood, as it is for cooking and baking. 


one of our private olive groves in messinia, GREECE

one of our private olive groves in messinia, GREECE