Not All "Extra-Virgin" Olive Oils Are Created Equal

According to the Olive Oil Times, extra virgin olive oil is “simply fruit juice without any additives…its quality and taste are influenced by the varieties of olives, the terroir where they were grown, and the countless decisions and production practices of a dedicated producer.” In other words, not all “extra virgin” olive oils are created equal.

In a category marked by “extra virgin” olive oils of different levels of quality, The Olive Connection takes our classification very seriously. We are committed to only delivering what is authentically extra-virgin, defined by:

  • Single-Source Olives:
    Our olive oil is produced from a single source of Koroneiki olives from the Kalamata region. This means we do not blend olives of different regions, varieties or quality for production efficiencies. We produce a limited quantity annually, in order to deliver the highest quality possible.
  • First Cold-Press:
    We hand-pick young olives, extracting the oil from the first cold-press within 12 hours of harvest for maximum flavor and health benefits - and directly bottle the juice. This means that our olive oil is completely un-processed, free of additives, preservatives, or blends of lower-grade olives. Olive oil can and should be consumed without refinement in order to preserve its vitamins, essential acids and nutrients. 
  • Youngest Olives for Highest Antioxidant Benefit: In general, the younger the olive, the higher the polyphenols and antioxidant value. For this reason, we hand-pick our olives early in their harvest in order to access the highest level of polyphenols - powerful antioxidants that promote heart health, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and even reverse arterial damage.